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PARENT SITES This is a site for computer safety guidelines for children, teens and their parents. - Familyfun contains all sorts of family ideas – cooking, organization, arts and craft ideas, party and game ideas, travel and much more. - Ask the scientist site. 

KIDS SEARCH ENGINES -  A great search engine for kids.

LIBRARY RESOURCES - Awesome Library Librarians volunteer to maintain this website.  It organizes the Web with 27,000 carefully reviewed resources for teachers, kids, teens, parents, librarians or college students. -  This is the American Library Association.  It is a great site for kids. - Homework and reference resource for students, teachers and parents.

MATH SITES - This site includes math, flash cards, games, worksheets, and homework helper. - 25 arcade-style math games, games for kids under six, homework relief center for parents. - Games for learning how to work with money. 

READING SITES - Where Kids Have Fun Learning to Read. Primarily designed for first grade, but also useful for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and second grade. -  Book Adventure is a free reading motivation program for children in grades K-8 and includes reading comprehension tests. -  Good for reading includes book summaries, games and activities.

HANDWRITING SITES -  Great for Writing Poems.  Type in the word you want to rhyme with, a long list of one and two syllable rhyming words are displayed. -  Kidpub,the largest collection of stories by children on the internet with a database over 43,000 stories written by and for children.

SCIENCE SITES -  American Museum of Natural History great tool to encourage kids to explore sciences - Smithsonian Institution showcases some of the best interactive features of the museum -  Live web cameras at the aquarium, games, activities careers. 

Have you come across family-friendly websites or resources that other MES families might enjoy investigating? Let us know and we'll add it to our  Parents Link page. Email: